What is included in the average cost to build a village?

H4H Cost Overview 

H4H Cost Overview

How many homes will be in a Homes For Heroes Village?

The size of the land made available, as well as civic site planning regulations, will determine this. We anticipate having 15 – 25 homes per site.

Will the homes be furnished?
Yes, Veteran tenants will be supplied with all requirements for comfortable living and healing. The homes will be stocked with all the furniture, cooking utensils, cleaning products and linens needed.
Will there be rules occupants must comply with?

The goal of the Homes For Heroes Village is to assist Veterans towards restored lives by offering a safe, secure and comfortable home while professionals work with them towards their reintegration to civilian life. A code of conduct is imposed and agreed upon by each client before they move in.

Will there be support services?

In addition to being provided with a fully self contained comfortable and secure home, our on-site social workers, in partnership with Veterans Affairs, work with our clients to encourage successful growth and transition to civilian lifestyle.

Who will provide ongoing maintenance?

Homes For Heroes partners with businesses and groups to provide exterior maintenance to ensure the village is clean and well kept. 

Is Homes for Heroes a registered charity?

Homes for Heroes is a registered charity with a small staff. You can view our financials at the CRA site. LINK