Community Concept

Each parcel of land will be transformed into a creative and collaborative community of support for our veterans experiencing homelessness.  Highlights of the communities include:

  • 15 to 25 architecturally pleasing tiny homes (each under 300 square feet in size).
  • The homes will be quickly deployable, adaptable, transportable and easily relocated at the end of the lease term to a new location.
  • Site geometry will be specifically designed to allow a sense of openness and permeability throughout the site.
  • The Homes For Heroes Village will foster a sense of pride within the city for all the benefits it extends to our veterans and also for its unique design.
  • A community garden will be established to provide fresh produce for the residents with extra produce being donated to the local food bank.
  • A central amenity building will be created for residents to come together.
  • The village will be located in close proximity to public transportation.
  • A full time social service counsellor will be on-site to ensure our veterans’ needs are being met and they are experiencing growth.
  • A property management team will be in place to ensure the grounds of the communities are maintained to pristine standards.