McCann Family Foundation

McCann Family Foundation is a registered private foundation. We are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and support initiatives in Canada, United States of America, and Zambia.

Canadian Legacy Project

The Canadian Legacy Project was created because many of our Canadian veterans are living in poverty and do not have the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter. The Canadian Legacy Project is designed to support veterans and develop programs and events to help improve their everyday lives.

The Canadian Legacy Project is a registered charity working throughout Canada (registration #82478 8202 RR0001) and is a 100% volunteer managed and directed registered charity. They do not have traditional expenses many charity groups have, which ensures that the donations made towards the Canadian Legacy Project go directly to supporting our veterans.

Unless You’ve Been A Soldier

by Clive Sanders

Unless you’ve been a soldier,
You just won’t understand.
The things that we have seen and done,
In the service of our land.
We have trained to live in combat,
To cope with awful sights,
That shouldn’t be seen by anyone
And keep you awake at nights.

We don’t discuss the wounds we have,
To the body or the mind.
We just put our hurts behind us,
And turn our memories to blind.
We are proud we served our country,
And remember those we lost.
For the freedom that you have today,
They paid the awful cost.